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Alias: 02045f289f0de16b275e

Public key: 02045f289f0de16b275e925aff584bc6c626dddc0f29e15b367d68a35de445d98b
Colour: #3399ff
Capacity: 1.05,000,000
Channel Count: 29
Last Node Update: 2h 54m ago
Last Channel Update: 2h 35m ago

Channel Suggestions

Gridflare's analysis suggests that opening a channel to one of the following nodes will have a positive effect on your centrality

Alias Pub Key Capacity Chans Links
CryptoChill 03df3f0a2fd6bea5429a596461... 3279 Msat 783 Amboss/1ML🇺🇦[lnd-21] 031ce29116eab7edd66148f516... 2501 Msat 248 Amboss/1ML
BeBANK 033aadd192c0de458d2e32e9ca... 67 Msat 25 Amboss/1ML 0332d57355d673e217238ce3e4... 309 Msat 63 Amboss/1ML

The above selection will update daily