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Alias: Cold Sats

Public key: 020a3dce2dab038955eb435a8342e4fe897304015314485d3738d5f41eccb47859
Colour: #68f442
Capacity: 1893.0 Msat
Channel Count: 90
Last Update: 3h 49m ago

Channel Suggestions

Gridflare's analysis suggests that opening a channel to one of the following nodes will have a positive effect on your centrality

Alias Pub Key Capacity Chans Links
⚡️ bCyber ⚡️ 026db2cbf3d8ab4a4c01eed2df... 669.0 Msat 366 Amboss/1ML [lnd-43] 02247d9db0dfafea745ef8c9e1... 3039.0 Msat 304 Amboss/1ML
SATM 02cd1b7bc418fac2dc99f0ba35... 63.0 Msat 9 Amboss/1ML 03abf6f44c355dec0d5aa155bd... 8736.0 Msat 803 Amboss/1ML

The above selection will update daily