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Alias: Wayfinder🦆

Public key: 0255f20d53b9a53c0d22268217894ccb90b11b86f956097b67e878b605a83867e3
Colour: #3399ff
Capacity: 31,686,112
Channel Count: 17
Last Node Update: 30 days, 3h 57m ago
Last Channel Update: 30 days, 4h 36m ago

Channel Suggestions

Gridflare's analysis suggests that opening a channel to one of the following nodes will have a positive effect on your centrality

Alias Pub Key Capacity Chans Links 035e4ff418fc8b5554c5d9eea6... 20608 Msat 1694 Amboss/1ML
Hedonismbot 02df6d3454bc4c0cdd9b6e5f04... 42 Msat 24 Amboss/1ML
YTMND 03b006c37dfb8681e5db9f5133... 2532 Msat 143 Amboss/1ML 02254f26976d6487f7664aa941... 719 Msat 70 Amboss/1ML

The above selection will update daily